What are your opening hours?
We always open Wednesday through to Saturday 09:00 to 16:30, last entries 16:00; the only exception is that we must close on bank holidays, or in case of extreme weather at our discretion.
Which cartridges can I use?
Our restrictions are fibre wad cartridges only, and a 28-gram maximum load.
Do you sell cartridges?
Yes we stock a range of clay shooting cartridges from .410 to 12 bore. A valid shotgun certificate must be shown to purchase cartridges every time.
Do you do gun hire?
We don't offer gun hire.
Do I need a shotgun certificate?
To practice, yes. For a lesson, no!
Can I use a FAC shotgun?
No, you can only shoot Shotgun certificate guns onsite.
Can I used a pump or semi- automatic shotgun?
Yes providing they have a maximum capacity of 3 shots, with ONLY 2 shots being loaded at one time while shooting on the ground. It must be either carried in a slip or safety flagged.
Are dogs allowed on the shoot?
We do not allow dogs on the ground or shooting lodge.
Do we still shoot if it is raining?
Yes! This is the great outdoors, so get your wet weather gear out and make the most of it! We have umbrellas here to borrow if anyone forgets any.
Will it hurt?
No! We use light load cartridges and guns sized to each shooter. Anyone of slight frame will be issued with a shoulder pad to help avoid any potential bruise. Combined with this, the instructor is there to make sure the gun is correctly placed every time before you get near pulling the trigger.
Do I need to be a member?
We do have members here at Spitfire, but it is not a requirement to be a member to shoot. Please ask one of our staff if you are interested in membership and the benefits this entails.
Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, we are able to reschedule a booking up to 9am the day before without losing a deposit, but a flat cancellation always loses your deposit.
Are spectators permitted?
Yes, we do allow people to come and watch as long as they wear the relevant safety equipment provided and follow the instructor's advice on where it is safe to stand.
Can children shoot?
Yes, we usually recommend 10 years old as a minimum, but its more size that counts in this case so that they physically have the ability to move the gun under control.
Do you have refreshments?
Yes we offer tea, coffee, cold drinks and a range of pre packaged snacks.
What should I wear?
Dress for the weather conditions in whatever is comfortable with sensible footwear, scarfs should be avoided as can hinder a proper gun mount, women are recommended to tie their hair back to keep hair out of the way for the same reason.

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